MEDICATION MANAGED: The Latest Medicare/Medicaid Policies and Best Practices for Pharmacy in Long-Term Care


CMS finalizes Medicaid Prescription Drug Reforms

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will save an estimated $2.7 billion over the next five years by revamping the way it charges for prescription drugs within the Medicaid program.

OIG Announces 2016 Plans:  What the New Policies for Nursing Homes and Medicare Mean

Excerpted from Office of Inspector General Plans to Crack Down on Fraud and Cut Costs, November 6, 2015, the Work Plan for fiscal year 2016 summarizes new and ongoing OIG audits, evaluations, legal, and investigative initiatives.

Proactive Medication Management

As the healthcare landscape moves toward outcome-based reimbursement and value-based purchasing, long-term care (LTC) communities are wise to focus on the LTC pharmacists’ value in improving medication-related outcomes.

Why pharmacy data is key to your SNF’s future

New standards are in the making to involve pharmacists in much greater roles in senior care delivery and to integrate pharmacy data into other senior health information efforts, noted presenters at the recent Long Term and Post Acute Care Health IT Summit in Baltimore.

The Changing Role of the Consultant Pharmacist and Long Term Care Pharmacy

Much has changed in the world of consulting pharmacy and long term care pharmacy in recent decades. Much of this change is being driven by the type of patient residing in a skilled nursing facility today as compared to the patient in a skilled nursing facility twenty years ago.


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